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What To Expect From This Wiki

Hello, Poptropica Ideas Wiki. For those who do not know, I am an administrator here. I would like to announce that Who Island has been released, making it the first released island on this new wiki!


I bet that a lot of you are wondering what is going to happen after this. This post is to give you a glimpse into the future. This is what you should expect to happen soon:

  • New Islands - There are currently 3 islands being developed as you read this (namely Escape From The Unknown Island, Dimensions Island, and Musical Mania Island.) I am planning on releasing many more, and I can garuntee that more will show up soon.
  • New Staff - This wiki is just starting up, so expect there to be a new staff coming soon. We will try to establish a hierarchy, so that it is clear who to talk to if you need help.
  • New Forum Posts - Keep your eye on the forums. You may find some important messages.

Thanks for reading! Happy editing!

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